The world of Arche – Origins

The Demiurge created the world, using the basic elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. He give it tetrahedric form, each face with a moon of an element. He bathed it all with Energy from the Sun.

For forty four aeons, the Demiurge kept the world in equilibrium, not allowing any element to dominate over the others, and making sure that not too much Energy, nor too few, got to the world. And then, life appeared. It could be said the life permetated to the world and got mixed in it, almost like an additional element. Living beings began to appear, made from earth, from water, from fire, and from air; and, soon, stranger combinations showed up. In shor time, all kind of living beings walked the world, affecting the Equilibrium in a way that the Demiurge could not control. So he rised some living beings by teaching them demiurgy. They were the first demiurges.

Many felt envy of the demiurgy and tried to steal it, or reinvent it. The thiefs became demiurges too, but lacked an objective for their power. The inventors, with time, were able to learn much about the world and about how to change it. That was no longer demiurgy, but taumaturgy: Replicable by anyone who learned its principles, but terribly disruptive to the elemental Equilibrium.

At some point (it is not clear exactly when) two events of great importance took place: the Demiurge dissapeared, and the being called Anaximandros, using taumaturgy, discovered the Arche, the source of the idea behind all that exists, and the Apeiron, the substrate of all that is. He discovered that Arche and Apeiron were shared by a myriad worlds. He first stated that the Demiurge had ran away because he was about to be exposed as a fraud; later, Anaximandros declared the Demiurge dead. He was the first explorer of ideas, the first Archelogist.

Now, many generations later, almost no living demiurge is aware of the reach of their mission. Taumaturgy and the exploration of the Arche have changed life beyond recognition. Great empires have risen and fallen. The Sitmur Taumatocracy, in Aquo, is exploring their moon and intends to explore the rest of the celestial bodies. The Eternal Trelo Empire of Ignis dissapeared overnight after centuries of dominion over Noah. Imbalance has rised and a new element has permeated: a black star, opposed to the Sun, which seems to absorb Energy, or maybe emit Entropy.

There are mysteries old and new to unravel. Rising tensions between empires and nations. The ontological risk of the imbalance.