The world of Arche – Trelos

Trelos (Trion Terrignae Ignis) are the predominant intelligent species of Ignis. They are basically humanoid, about thirty centimetres taller and wider than humans in average. Their head is in the shape of a slightly flattened ovoid, with eight groups of three eyes distributed around it in 360 degrees. They don’t have noses, but their necks do have three specialized organs called “chimneys” in which there is always a burning fire that they need to breath. In proportion, their mouth is bigger than the human’s, containing two rows of extremely hard molar teeth. Their arms are similar to human’s, but their hands have six fingers each, divided in two groups of three opposable fingers. Their legs are much wider than human’s legs, and have an additional division between what would be the knee and the ankle joints. From this joint down, each leg divides in three extremities, not one, each ending in something more akin to a hoof than to a foot.

Due to their Terrignae nature, their body is harder to the touch than human skin, and also totally dry and very hot. They completely lack body hair. They have primary sexual organs like humans, but they are oviparous and, save for the difference in sexual organs, lack further sexual dimorphism.

The biggest trelo culture, both geographically and historically, was the Trelo Empire, which lasted more than three thousand years, with over a thousand of them ruling also the facet of Noah. Even though it was an Empire, it only had an Emperor for its first 99 years. After the fall of the great emperor Trelo (that was his name, and from it comes the name for the entire species now), the Empire was ruled by a Great Duke. Also from those initial 99 years comes a curious cultural trait of the Trelo Empire: the obsession with nobility. Almost all trelos have titles and are, at least, barons. The quantity and quality of the titles he or she has are the main indications of his or her social position. One of the main motivations for the conquest of Noah was acquiring new lands to create new titles. All this is related to the profound relationship of the trelos with the Arche (the idea-space) and the importance they give to words.