2014, ¡Adiós, amigo!

2014 went by, and 2015 is already here.

Although traditionally it is something done at the end of one year, and not at the start of the following, I’m going now to look back and try to see how well I did in 2014, at least in the creative front.

I’ll start with this blog. I relaunched my blog in March in 2014. Since then, I have posted 139 entries. This means about 15 posts per month, or a post every two days. Wow! I though it was less than that. I see most of them were about games and books reviews, the Making of Anima UNICO, and those about the world of Arche.

Aha, while looking for a plugin to see some nice statistics, I have found out I already had one. A partial report here: http://jetpack.me/annual-report/65589943/2014/

This has been the year of Anima: UNICO, since its launching at the start of the year to its almost stop in August. But I keep my spirits high, and I’m working now in Workings of Fate, a random generator of aspects, worlds and characters for FATE.

My other big projects are the developing of the world of Arche, and writing my whodunnit, John Merridew is dead.

About Arche, I have focused in setting several general notions and in thinking, at a high level, about its more “normal” facet, Noah, and its main sentient species.

About John Merridew, I have started to write it from the beginning, and setting the story, characters and places.

Getting it all in a nice, and irrelevant, number, I have written 3308 words for John Merridew, and 5308 words for Arche. And a big pile of notes for both.

Then there is the videogame in Arche. But it is more the project of a project, so for the moment I’ll leave it under the rug.

Seeing it all together, I’m pretty happy with 2014, and I hope to create a growing tendency in 2015.

Happy new year to everyone!

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  1. El éxito es ir de fracaso en fracaso sin perder el entusiasmo, decía Churchill.
    Ya quisiera para mí tus “no grandes resultados”.

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