Review: Monsters Little Detectives: In the Dark

Basic Information

Pequeños Detectives de Monstruos (en la oscuridad) – Monsters Little Detectives: In The Dark

Authors: Patricia de Blas and Álvaro Corcín.

Publisher: Nosolorol

Format: Hardback, half A4 size. Full color interior. Includes cardboard handout with monster faces and tracks, and handout with medal stickers. Also available in PDF.

Type: Core rulebook.


(This is a spanish book that, right now, has no english translation)

The book contains a simple game system, notes about running a game (including an useful game example), a catalog of example monsters (16 in total), a catalog of detective tools, several story ideas, and sheets with medals and with monster tokens.

The text is full of riddles and suggestions for the little detectives, and it is written in a very nice way, moving the children to read it several times in search of clues to catch the monsters.


I have tried the game with my children (5 and 4 years old) and I can confirm it works pretty well. The little system is simple enough for a 4 years-old child to understand it (I can’t believe I wrote that without citing Groucho Marx) and the use of medals and stars as «experience points» is the best motivation for the little children.

And, this is a bit outside the scope of the book, but with very little adjustment it could be a perfect fix for a Ghostbusters game. Maybe the Agency is just a branch of Ghostbusters Ltd.

I can find no real faults in this book. Maybe the limited number of stickers (20). And a not totally perfect organization of contents (although it is a good one for the children).

Actually, those are not enough faults to drop its rating, so I give it the maximum rating:

5 wereparrots 


Nosolorol: The publisher. You can buy the book here, in physical format and in PDF.

Authors’ blog: Includes several examples of play, downloadable handouts and more.