Videogame review: InFamous

In brief

Played in: Playstation 3 (Spanish PSN version)

Time played: –

Completed? Yes, as infamous.

Strong points: Power level, rhythm of the action.

Weak points: Enemy models, low freedom of action.

Rating: hombrelorohombrelorohombreloro


InFamous is an entertaining game about superheroes/supervillains  that tries to highlight the election between being good or evil.

The superpowers part is well implemented: the game is not afraid of giving you a great power level and the according menaces, and it offers a big city to explore in very original ways (“surfing” high-tension cables or electric train rails). However, the “dual” morality is very weak, with some very forced moral choices and some very irrelevant ones.

The history is interesting, but the motivations of some characters will have more or less sense depending of your moral choices.