World of Arche: Places of Noah – The Matriarchy

Not all the people of Noah accepted equally the Trelo conquerors. Some inhabitants of the North-Nor mountains fought all they could and, unable to achieve victory, withdrew and fled to the most remote places of their mountains and to large water-eroded caves under them. During the centuries of Trelo Empire rule, this people never gave up. Each generation launched an attempt to recover their lands, and each generation failed. The Trelos launched several offensives, but never managed to finish off all of them.

War altered this people’s demographics. Historically, men held power and dealt with war and spirituality, leaving farm work and animal care to women. But now fighters died always young, leaving only women and boys. Over generations, power flowed, until it rested in hands of  the oldest women, and their daughters after them. Women took also care of teaching and religion, and kept working the land (the very little land they could access) and caring of animals (although the type of animals had changed). Women bred generation after generation of warriors, and very few ever returned.

When the Trelo dissappeared, they were unaware. Some time later they launched a new generational attempt, but it was different: they succeeded. They have now recovered their ancestral lands, but they have not stopped advancing.