Character Creation: Corporation

Corporation is a mostly standard cyberpunk game set in the year 2500. The players play as Agents: the eyes, hands and knives of the big Corporations that run the world. It is published by Brutal Games, and is written by James Norbury. It has a web in It can be bought from DrivethruRPG.

Agents are superior to normal humans. When enlisted, they are filled with cybernetics upgrades and biomodifications: a sub-vocal communicator to talk with other agents up to 300 km away, an Id chip for identification, an A.I. chip (an internal computer A.I. to help them), a basic Process Socket (it can receive special chips to get new skills), R-Drug in the lymph system (it gives regeneration to the Agents), Histonamide (to stop hemorrages), Atrophic DNA (so they don’t leave recognisable tissue samples behind), Synaptic Modulation (so they don’t feel intense pain), independent cellular escision and neural stabilisers (so brain, heart and other vital organs can not be incapacitated by damage), and Ambidextery.

So it is clear an Agent is someone to fear. And now, to create one.

Step 0: Agent licenses and starting equipment

All Agents receive some standard equipment and legal licenses:

  • 1 intravenous medpack
  • Exceptional Black Cougar Handgun (Kinetic Pistol) (D8 damage, critics on 1/1 and 2/2)
  • External communications device
  • Flack jacket (+1 armor)
  • handcuffs
  • ID Chip Scanner
  • PDA
  • Identification badge
  • Law Enforcement License
  • Light Firearms License
  • License to use Non-powered Melee Weapons
  • hacking software (Normal) -(this one is illegal and not mandatory, but I take it).

Step 1: Select a Corporation

In the corebook there are five Corporations to choose from:

  • Al-Jinn: An asian industrial giant whose agents operate outside the law in organised crime cells. Bonus: Changeable ID Chip.
  • Comoros: Independently minded Indo-African specialists with a hatred for the UIG (United International Government). Bonus: +10 TE (Telepathic Energy points). All Comoros have increased telepathic regeneration, free Telepath Training. Can burn HP for TE.
  • Eurasian Incorporated: Decadent, capitalist monsters striving for socio-economic world domination and enjoying it. Bonus: Expense Account.
  • Shi Yukiro: Far eastern technologists and warriors founded on ancient philosophies and the Bushido Code. Bonus: Powered Melee License and Training. Free katana and access to Ion Weapons at Rank 3 / Level 8.
  • Western Federation: Disciplined, puritan military machine intent on a new world order. Bonus: Superior Weapons, extra weapon licenses, military sign and 10% weaponry.

I love telepaths, so I choose Comoros.

Step 2: Select a concept and profession

There is a big list of example caharacter concepts, I’m going to go with a troubleshooter telepath with some hacking skills based on the character Dread from the book Otherland.

Later I will have to select one skill I have at 7 or higher as my professional skill. I will never critically fail rolls in that skill, and I can get a critical, success easier.

Step 3: Assigning Stats

I have 49 points to spend on Strength, Endurance, Agility, Reflexes, perception, Intelligence and Presence. Minimum of 5, maximum of 10.

  • Strength 6
  • Endurance 7
  • Agility 6
  • Reflexes 7
  • Perception 6
  • Intelligence 8
  • Presence 9

Step 4: Extra Features

Some standard secondary values:

  • Hit Points: Strength + Endurance + 20, so I have 33.
  • Rank 1
  • Level 1
  • Telepathic Energy: Presence + Perception + Intelligence + 10, +10 for being Comoros, so I have 43.
  • Move Speed: Strength + Endurance + Agility, so I have 19.
  • Internal A.I. 1
  • Armor Value: 0 (+1 for the flak jacket)
  • Defence: will be equal to my Close Combat.
  • Experience Points 0
  • Rank Points 10
  • Conviction Points 2
  • I speak the languages of my Corporation and a language of another Corporation, so I speak Swahili and Hindi (for being Comoros), and choose to speak also English (spoken by the Eurasian Inc. and Western Fed.).

Step 5: Assign Skills

Available skills are Arts & Culture, Assess Tech, Athletics, Attitude, Business, Close Combat, Computers & A.I., Corporate Knowledge, Crime, Cybernetics & Robotics, Drive, Heavy Firearms, Light Firearms, Looking Good, Lying/Acting, Mechtronics, Medicine, Observation, Pilot, Psychology, Science, Stealth, Street Culture, Support Weapons and Tactical Firearms.

As I have Telepath Training (for being Comoros) I can also select Telepathic Skills (Jump, Shield, Assault, Prescience, Psi Blade, Telekinesis and Biokinesis).

I have to select:

  • 1 skill at level 8: Assault
  • 1 skill at level 7: Close Combat (Professional Street)
  • 1 skill at level 6: Lying/Acting
  • 3 skills at level 5: Computers & A.I., Attitude, Crime
  • 3 skills at level 4: Light Firearms, Looking Good, Observation
  • 3 skills at level 3: Psychology, Stealth, Business
  • 3 skills at level 2: Athletics, Corporate Knowledge, Street Culture
  • 4 skills at level 1: Shield, Prescience, Science, Biokinesis


Step 6: Trainings

Trainings are specialist areas of expertise. I can select 2. Some trainings have prerequisites. There are 34 different trainings, 15 for non combat areas and 19 for combat.

i already have Telepath Training. I select Hacking and Interrogation.

Step 7: Licenses

I have 8 points to spend on Licenses. A License allows you to do something legally.

I already have Law Enforcement License, Light Firearms License and License to use Non-powered Melee Weapons.

I spend all my points in getting a Telepathic Licenseof level 8 (so I can use my Assault in public).

Step 8: Purchase Equipment

I have 6000 credits (because I am Comoros) to spend in my initial equipment.

I buy:

  • Arms Bluefin Combat Knife (30 credits)
  • Field Shield (1000 credits)
  • Hacker Computer (4000 credits)

And that’s it.

Complete Character

Zaidi Hofu, Comoros Agent Level 1, Rank 1

Strength 6, Endurance 7, Agility 6, Reflexes 7, Perception 6, Intelligence 8, Presence 9

Hit Points 33, Telepathic Energy 43, Move Speed 19, Internal A.I. 1, Armor Value  1, Defence 7.

Experience Points 0, Rank Points 10, Conviction Points 2

Languages: Swahili, Hindi, English.

Skills: Assault 8, Close Combat (Professional Street) 7, Lying/Acting 6, Computers & A.I. 5, Attitude 5, Crime 5, Light Firearms 4, Looking Good 4, Observation 4, Psychology 3, Stealth 3, Business 3, Athletics 2, Corporate Knowledge 2, Street Culture 2, Shield 1, Prescience 1, Science 1, Biokinesis 1

Trainings: Telepath, Hacking and Interrogation.

Licenses: Telepathic License 8, Law Enforcement License, Light Firearms License and License to use Non-powered Melee Weapons.

Equipment: Standard, plus Arms Bluefin Combat Knife, Field Shield and Hacker Computer.