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The world of Arche – What kind of stories?

This is the first post of many devoted to show what kind of stories I hope you can tell in the world of Arche, when it becomes a roleplaying game.

Archelogists: It’s a strange world

The basis for this kind of story come from Planetary, the magnificent work of Warren Ellis and John Cassaday. As Archelogists, characters will investigate the most secret and mysterious elements of the world, both in the physical plane and in ocean of ideas that is the Arche. They will face societies and groups opposed, for several reasons, to the resolution of said mysteries.

Some possibilities:

  • Whatever happened to the Trelos of the Empire? How and to where did they disappeared?
  • There are certain kinds of creatures thought nonexistant or extinct, but in some islands of Aquo and Bris, tunnels of Ignis and valleys of Noah strange and new creatures can still be discovered.

Demiurges: The battle against the Imbalance

The demiurges can not stop noticing how the world is slowly slipping towards the lack of Equilibrium. The black star has started to cause strange alterations in some places and creatures. No one knows what else will happen, but some demiurges do not want to find out. If they manage to avoid unscrupulous taumaturges wishing to use them as bateries, and false demiurges wanting to stealing their powers, maybe some of them learn how to balance again the world.