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The world of Arche – Places of Noah: Dulbog Plateau

This if the first of many posts I’ll focus on places in the world of Arche. Today, a place in the facet of Noah.

Until very recently, the facet of Noah was under almost complete control of the great Trelo Empire that rised in Ignis. Almost overnight, the Trelo Empire fell and dissappeared. It took some time to Noah’s inhabitants to realize that their lords were gone for good, but soon  they went back to the old ways and broke down the empire and started warring.

Dulbog Plateau

Dulbog Plateau was the location of the last conquest battle of the Trelo Empire. Was in this plateau where the alliance of the last free peoples of Noah, guided by the last Jar, the last War Matriarch and the last Humble Archivist, faced the Trelo Army of Marquises. Was in this plateau where the Archivists betrayed the Jar, dooming the forces of Noah to their defeat. Was in this plateau where the Jar knelt before the Great Duke, not a hundred steps away from the corpse of the last War Matriarch. But today, there are few who remember that battle. As was common in the Trelo Empire, the Great Duke did everything he could to erase all history prior to the Empire. Only remains some highly modified oral stories and a few lost records, in possession of the new Archivists.

The plateau is quite high, and is frequently crossed by cold winds of great strength. It is covered by bushes and small isolated groups of strong perennial trees, with thick twisted trunks. In the heart of the biggest of these groves still stands the fort that the War Matriarch ordered built, following the plans of the Humble Archivists. After the battle, the Great Duke decided to keep the fortification, and made the Archivists turn it into a tomb for the dead Marquises fallen in battle. After the disappearance of the Trelo Empire, some people have dared to plunder the Dulbog fort/tomb, but the construction secrets of the Archivists have kept it closed. Its exterior, however, has been totally defaced of all ornaments and additional masonry, leaving it the appearance of a coarse, blank and impervious building.