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The world of Arche – Places of Noah: Prosperity

Prosperity is, probably, the country less changed by the vanishing of the Trelos. During the Empire, current prosperity was actually the County of Nurroc, governed in name only by a trelo Count, while actually run by his main counsellor, Kleistenes Linus. Kleistenes started working as the Count’s preceptor in Dialectics, but he was sure to learn more than he taught. Soon he was totally trusted by the Count and started to manage all the aspects of ruling the Count wasn’t keen to handle himself. Casually, those aspects always were of great interest to Kleistenes. It was Kleistenes’ idea to rename the County from County of Nurroc to County of Prosperity. He also talked the Count into being officially addressed as Count Prosperous.

For Prosperity inhabitants, Kleistenes was always a great defender of their interests. He managed to keep the hardest work only on the shoulders of a few undesirables, freeing most of the people from working too hard.

When the Count disappeared, Kleistenes kept governing in his name. Slowly, he rearranged the power order, until a Prosperity inhabitant declared himself new ruler of the land and named himself Demosagein or Demagogue, just as Kleistenes had wanted. Since then, several Demagogues have sit on Prosperity’s throne, and Kleistenes has always been in his place, beside the throne, running everything, like the Dialectic Patrols that keep the order. The order wished by that Kleistenesm the Great Demagogue (although no one  in Prosperity would ever call him by that name, or they would get visited by the Dialectic Patrols to correct their mistake).

Kleistenes is an apparently normal man. However, he has lived far longer than he should have. He does not seem to have aged since the times of the Empire, a fact not a lot of people in Prosperity have detected. Sometimes it flies the rumour that he convinced Death itself not to take him, but obviously everyone think it is just a funny exaggeration, so they just laugh and cheer to the current Demagogue.